Château à l'Anglaise


The Louis XV architectural castle


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The Château à l’Anglaise is a listed historical monument dating from 1750 and boasts the first English landscape garden to be designed in France. Its luscious forest spreads over 70 hectares within the property itself and is located near the famous domain of Vaux le Vicomte.

Just one hour away from Paris by car and 40 minutes by train from Mormant station (5 minutes by car).

The Château à l’Anglaise is privately owned and in very good condition, perfectly suited to accommodate up to 14 people.

The owner takes pride in welcoming and offering you an authentic experience of castle life, including all the modern comfort and amenities,  amid ancient and contemporary pieces of art.

In addition to organizing lunches and dinners in the greenhouse gardens, the large dining room, the terrace facing the park, he can also organize a tailored program of visits of interest in the region such as: the medieval city of Provins, Barbizon, a village famous for its painters, the Bourdelle garden museum, Moret-sur-loing, a town which was a source of inspiration for impressionists (Monet, Sisley, Renoir), the citadel of Blandy-les-Tours, and of course last but not least, the castles of Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Parking inside the property only for those in accommodation
(7 vehicles maximum)

Outdoor parking available for other visitors (a few meters from the castle).

Pets allowed: Yes

Smoking area: in the reception area there is a smoking area at courtyard level, otherwise smoking is prohibited within the grounds of the Château itself.


Located one hour from Paris by car and 40 minutes by train from Mormant station (5 minutes by car).

Nearby places of interest: Impressionist village of Moret-sur-Loing, Bourdelle garden museum, Vaux-le-Vicomte castle, Collegiate church of Champeaux, Fontainebleau castle, Medieval city of Provins, Village of painters of Barbizon, Eurodisney, Contemporary art gallery Continua, Château de Champs-sur-Marne, Museum of the Great War 14/18 in Meaux …

The Château à l’Anglaise has five suites which can accommodate 10 adults & 4 children as follows:

First floor:

Aunoy Suite: 2 adults (extra king size bed, bath, dressing room, terrace)

Chabert Suite: 2 adults (king size bed, desk, shower)

Second floor:

Gerbier Suite: 2 adults, 1 child (queen size bed, single bed, bathtub)

De Broglie Suite: 2 adults, 2 children (queen size bed, 2 single beds, bathtub)


De Viomenil Suite: 2 adults, 1 child (queen size bed, single bed, shower).


A personnalized holiday with:

  • On-demand services,
  • Packs adapted to your needs and desires,
  • Special access to numerous brands.

The organisation of your sport journey (we are indeed runners and golfers), and/or cultural/festive stay (we live in Versailles, we were born in Paris).

The starting point of the most prestigious trails and running races (More information about this, on the Jogging Plus’ website)

Languages spoken : French, English, Spanish

Flexible schedules of departures and arrivals on demand.

The possibility to extend your stay once on the spot if the apartment is available.


Location Haut de Gamme & Conciergerie

4 place Gambetta - 78000 Versailles

Tél.: +33 (0)6 61 88 87 95


Les Demoiselles à Versailles is a family-owned Versailles brand at the origin of an innovative concept of short-term luxury accommodation (a few hours or several nights) for stays in a high-end property where you will feel at home with personalized concierge services and VIP access to prestigious brands.

 Les Demoiselles à Versailles name is a homage to the daughters of the founders, Diane and Victoria, born in Versailles, and conveys an image of luxury by offering themed stays in exceptional accommodation carefully selected by Katia Lobato, the founder, that reflect the values ​​and personality of the brand.

 The concept was launched in her personal apartment, located 50 meters from the Palace of Versailles, combining traditional Versailles, the famous "French touch" and embodying French luxury.

 Les Demoiselles à Versailles’ collection is dedicated to short-term rentals, seminars, photo shoots, events and film productions.

 This concept highlights French art de vivre, a common thread that can be found in all the properties managed by Les Demoiselles à Versailles.

Concierge services are dedicated to both clients and owners of exceptional places wishing to discover or convey the values ​​of French art de vivre.

 A taste for beautiful things, and her expertise in seasonal rentals as owner of the apartment right next to the palace of Versailles, led to Katia Lobato being consulted for coaching in seasonal rentals management and launching seasonal rental projects to move them up market to the luxury sector, both in France and abroad.

 Owners or investors are supported in their desire to create something special from scratch or to take their current property dedicated to short-term rental to new heights.

 Her legal profile means that she can protect both clients and owners and advise them on the legal issues of seasonal rentals.

 Staying in a property or entrusting your exceptional house to Les Demoiselles à Versailles means adhering to a philosophy and living and sharing the exceptional.

 Carpe Diem!

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