celebrate an event

Weddings and family reunions

You’ll want this event to be unique in a place that really suits you. 

Our art de vivre à la française locations give you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in an intimate setting with elegance and refinement.

We can help you create your event by coordinating with our service providers.

 There is no obligation to choose them; this is just a service that we offer to save you time.

 We can organize a photoshoot, make-up artist, video production, hairdresser, scenography, floral decoration, wedding dress design or caterers.

 Because we select the best for your event. 


Our partner, Les Prodigieux, will help you make a mark at your event with exquisitely designed and tasty natural macaroons, according to your specific requirements.

Collection extract

Ideal places for seminars

Le Manoir Parisien

This incredible estate near Paris can be rented for photo shoots and as a filming location.

 With a large 3,000-hectare park, refined decoration and numerous photogenic spaces, this is an ideal place for all types of photo productions or for a film shoot and is just 30 kilometers from the center of Paris.

In addition, its superb park and gardens provide endless photo backdrops.

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House with pool In Paris

This beautiful house with pool in the center of Paris has a large bright living area of ​​70m2, beautiful spacious rooms and a very nice outdoor area with terrace and garden.

located in the heart of the french capital this atypical place will be ideal for any type of photo shooting or for a feature film for example.


Its main assets: 

  • heated pool
  • garden of 350m2
  • terraces
  • bright living room
  • easy access 
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Palais Bénédictine – Maison Bacardi 

This eclectic building promises visitors an unexpected experience of discovering Benedictine. The journey begins with the exploration of the museum, which houses a rich collection of sacred and ancient arts, linked to Benedictine’s heritage, and which also presents its industrial history. The tour then takes you to the one and only Benedictine distillery in the world, where the 19th century hammered copper stills are located, and then to the aging cellars.

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Logis Grey Goose – Maison Bacardi

Le Logis Grey Goose is a 16th century manor house, exclusively welcoming guests for a private stay. Bespoke rooms, cosy living rooms, modern meeting and cinema rooms are at your disposal.

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Château Royal de cognac – Maison Bacardi 

The Royal Château of Cognac was initially a 10th-century fortress designed to stop Norman invasions, and then in the 15th century became a stately home which was the birth place of one of France’s most illustrious kings, François 1st.

Baron Otard, who had founded its Cognac House in 1795, quickly understands that the thick walls provide exceptional aging conditions for his eaux-de-vie. He purchases Le Château, saving it from total destruction

The Royal Château of Cognac, which became a historic monument, is now a witness to French history and a Cognac House.

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    Maison Noilly Prat – Maison Bacardi 

    La Maison Noilly Prat is nestled in the enchanting port of Marseillan in the South of France. Surrounded by the sun-drenched vineyards that overlook the Mediterranean Sea and its famous oyster farms, our home is like no other.

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      If you are planning to stay in Versailles, why not come to one of our glamorous themed photo shoots. Our Haute-Couture costumes are all designed and made in France by “Il était une fois Made in France” using only the finest fabrics and materials.

      The photo shoot will take place in one of our seasonal locations in Versailles.

      You can either book the photo shoot on its own or you can add a stay at Demoiselles in Versailles.

      Photo shoot duration: 4 hours. This includes makeup, hairdressing and fitting.

      During the photo shoot, you will be offered a “Nina’s Marie-Antoinette” tea and some petit-fours.

      To request a workshop or a private session, please e-mail us at contact@lesdemoisellesaversailles.fr

      Prices will vary depending on the location chosen and the number of participants.


      Tell us about yourself:

      13 + 4 =

      Location Haut de Gamme & Conciergerie

      4 place Gambetta - 78000 Versailles

      Tél.: +33 (0)6 61 88 87 95



      Les Demoiselles à Versailles is a family-owned Versailles brand at the origin of an innovative concept of short-term luxury accommodation (a few hours or several nights) for stays in a high-end property where you will feel at home with personalized concierge services and VIP access to prestigious brands.

       Les Demoiselles à Versailles name is a homage to the daughters of the founders, Diane and Victoria, born in Versailles, and conveys an image of luxury by offering themed stays in exceptional accommodation carefully selected by Katia Lobato, the founder, that reflect the values ​​and personality of the brand.

       The concept was launched in her personal apartment, located 50 meters from the Palace of Versailles, combining traditional Versailles, the famous "French touch" and embodying French luxury.

       Les Demoiselles à Versailles’ collection is dedicated to short-term rentals, seminars, photo shoots, events and film productions.

       This concept highlights French art de vivre, a common thread that can be found in all the properties managed by Les Demoiselles à Versailles.

      Moving beyond Versailles, new properties have recently launched on the Basque coast with Villa Bakéa and in Turkey with Villa Caprice in Cappadocce.

       Concierge services are dedicated to both clients and owners of exceptional places wishing to discover or convey the values ​​of French art de vivre.

       A taste for beautiful things, and her expertise in seasonal rentals as owner of the apartment right next to the palace of Versailles, led to Katia Lobato being consulted for coaching in seasonal rentals management and launching seasonal rental projects to move them up market to the luxury sector, both in France and abroad.

       Owners or investors are supported in their desire to create something special from scratch or to take their current property dedicated to short-term rental to new heights.

       Her legal profile means that she can protect both clients and owners and advise them on the legal issues of seasonal rentals.

       Staying in a property or entrusting your exceptional house to Les Demoiselles à Versailles means adhering to a philosophy and living and sharing the exceptional.

       Carpe Diem!

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